Dresscode: Business hippies?


Dresscode: Business hippies? Man buns are fine on samurai, and ponytails are OK if you are an aged hippie or rocker. Business and arty types in Europe find them cool too — somehow creative and rebellious and bold all at once. DW’s Dresscode style maven Gerhard Elfers would beg to differ. Tips & Trends by […]

Dresscode: first job – first suit

Dresscode: first job – first suit First job interview and nothing to wear? SUIT UP, recommends DWs Gerhard Elfers in his latest business column. But don’t let mommy choose your style!. Dresscode for First job, Time to wear first suit. Keep Following Brands Bachat for more fashion tips and trends.

Dresscode – style is not a matter of money

Anyone who thinks style is only for the well-to-do will be surprised by the next edition of DRESSCODE. DW presenter Gerhard Elfers introduces his personal heroes from the Republic of Congo – the Sapeurs. Brands Bachat for more Fashion Tips & Trends. courtesy Dw.com